Friends of nhca

Our school depends on people like you to be successful.  Our mission emphasizes the value of community.

It takes a village to give the experiences, financial support, and wisdom that our students must encounter to realize the potential that God has put in them.

We cannot do it alone.



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Ways to donate

Our school has a variety of needs and not all of them are financial.

We rely on our community to help our students to succeed.  There are many ways you can contribute.

TIME: We rely on volunteers throughout the year for a variety of things.  We can always find something for you to do!  You could help with specials, the library, with testing, with class parties. 

Are you really passionate about something?  Come talk to our students about it! 

The possibilities are endless!

MONEY: Many of our students depend on scholarships to allow them to attend our school.  You can help by donating to our scholarship fund! 

We also take monetary donations to keep the school in operation and help to keep up with the technology demand of today's society. Click on the black button on the right to go to our donation page.  

Be sure to set the dropdown menu to "New Hope Christian Academy".

MATERIALS: We are always looking for ways to enhance our students' experiences in the classroom.  If you have school supplies, toys, books or other items you would like to donate, please speak with us to see if we can help to take the items off your hands!